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Holiday Baskets

We are NOT your typical gift basket company. Our baskets are truly pieces of art.


Each gift basket is one of a kind - no basket will ever look the same. Every year we are inspired by new ideas and new stock. We do not keep the same inventory from year to year. We shy away from “stuffing” baskets full of chocolates, crackers, cheeses & other generic fillers or perishable items. When we do utilize foods, we choose non-perishable, hand made goods and do our best to support Canadian small businesses as often as possible.


Do you have a basket to go outside of Calgary? We still are able to ship anywhere around North America. Our famous “Xmas in a Box” has gone all the way from Florida, to the Maritimes, to California.


Large orders, small orders, personal orders, or corporate orders - we can do it all! We don’t “box ourselves in to a price point. Everything depends on what you want and your themes and preferences. A basic basket starts at $90 with our most average budgets ranging between $125 - $150. We have created spectacular creations for up to $400 with highly customized products and themes. Below are some examples of our Custom Christmas baskets made in the past, to help give you an idea of what you can get.

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