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We LOVE making Gift Baskets!

Say hello to gifts that WOW! Goodbye to uninspired & generic. 

At Time is Money Gifts, we are your creative architects for distinctive, elegant, and unique gift baskets. We take immense pride in every one-of-a-kind creation we craft, ensuring that each basket is a labor of love, carefully planned and assembled from the moment your order comes in.

We don’t do ‘click-and-pick’ baskets. Every gift we make is as unique as the person receiving it. We distinguish between Made-to-Order and Made-to-Stock, as we believe in uniquely curated products over mass-produced and generic items. Our baskets are one of a kind, reflecting the time, thought, and care we put into every exclusive design, thoughtfully personalized for each recipient.

Whether it’s personal keepsakes, favourite snacks, or corporate swag, our baskets incorporate personal and individual items to create a truly special touch. We aim to make our creations memorable and full of useful items, and we love to do our best to support Canadian-based business. Contact us today to create a gift that will truly say “WOW!” and bring joy to any occasion.

Baby Gift Baskets 

Holiday Gift Baskets 

Special Event Gift Baskets 

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